Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kitchen Set and accessories for American Girl Dolls

Thanksgiving is over, that means... Christmas shopping has kicked in high gear. I think I love shopping as much as getting gifts. But.. anyways... I think I have found the most amazing gift for a girl. So it's a kitchen and refrigerator set, the "Eimme Collection". Not just any ordinary kitchen set. This is the most spectacular set I have ever laid eyes on, yes, it's that great. A wooden set, that comes with a ton of accessories, isn't it just adorable!

My daughter is so into wooden toy sets like this, her bedroom is full of wooden toys. But, this one really takes the cake! It's actually labeled for an 18 inch doll. Which honestly, it can be used with anything. She's using it now with her American Girl and other larger dolls, but I know in time she will be playing with the set using barbies and different toys. And that's okay, it would honestly be great with anything, as long as the child is happy, right!

Everything is so detailed and just made extremely well. I can't tell you the amount of plastic kitchen pieces I have bought, and these little mini pieces get stepped on or the cardboard cereal boxes start falling apart... and that's something we won't ever have to deal with on the Eimmie Collection. NO more plastic! Each piece is made of a quality wood and it's not breaking. A professional set built to last and handed down later. Yes, I am that confident.

Absolutely adorable accessories. There is everything your little one needs in this kitchen set. From plates, to individual foods, pots and pans, cooking/eating utensils, salt/pepper, fridge accessories, olive oil and so much more. Then there is, a half dozen eggs, a set of 4 cupcakes, 3 apples, a sliced chocolate cake, plus mini cookies, and even a trash can! Oh and there is appliances, too! The list goes on and on. Just take a look at the photos.



The set is actually 2 pieces. The fridge and kitchen are not connected. That way the child can move it accordingly. Each door, like the oven, fridge, and so on opens and shuts. They also close together properly. Each knob also moves. Seriously, where was this amazing set when I was growing up!

When we got this.. it actually came together in pieces. I will say, it did take my husband a good bit to put it all together, but in the end it was so worth it. My daughter also helped and loved every minute of it.

I am blown away by all the detail, the quality and just every bit of this set. Hands down, it's the best toy I think my daughter has ever had. She's even got a 5 foot doll house and this kitchen set just takes the cake. If your looking for a birthday present or something special for the little one for Christmas, this would make the perfect gift of all time, it's really that good. Even though I love it so much, my daughter loves it even more. She's gotten so much play time out of it already and we haven't even owned it a week! I am so happy to have came across this set. It's definitely a gem and is a must have for every little girl! Head on over to Amazon, you can purchase the Eimmie Collection Kitchen and Refrigerator set HERE

Disclosure: I received this product for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine, pure and true.

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