Friday, August 18, 2017

July Glossybox - first box!

Why yes, I think I have been living under a rock it seems, in the whole world of subscription boxes. 
I was one of those people who was too stubborn to try a subscription box. 

You know the one in the background, saying, "another scheme to get your money", or "they will send JUNK"! "Totally not worth it, mini samples, why would you even buy it when I could get it at the store"! Yep that is what I had built up in my mind all this time. Well something grabbed my attention one day. Then I went to doing some research, digging in to past boxes. Thinking, "hmm this may be a sweet deal"! 

So I took the plunge! Actually I took a huge dive! Not only did I subscribe to one or two but I went went all out and subscribed to 4 monthly beauty subs. Well, I am here to tell you.. I was a FOOL! Straight up, crazy person for never trying them out! This is really one of those thinks where I am kicking myself for never trying these subscriptions, looking at all the stuff I missed out on. My favorite box, you can read all about HERE

Glossybox... so thankful I found you! 

When I subscribed to Glossybox, it was August 1st. However they were still promoting the July box and that is what I got! Which is fine with me, however just upset that I'll go straight in to September month and I won't be getting August. Bummer... but I am just thrilled to be on board. 

Glossybox is always offering a perk to sign up. Sometimes for new subscribers you can find 3 months for $10 each. Or you can find codes for free makeup! When I signed up, Colorpop - Ultra Matte Lip was being promoted. Not just one but TWO! Sign me up! 

Glossybox sends their boxes monthly. Charging is the 1st of each month. Or you can choose other plans and will drop the price. Sending out 5 luxury sized products each month. Items will vary from makeup, skincare or hair-care. Getting you an assortment of all. All high end or emerging brands. My free gift came with my first monthly box. 

I was tickled pink when my box first arrived. Opening it up like a kid at Christmas! 
I was blown away by, how carefully packed and just how gorgeous everything looked. As far as packaging Glossy, goes the farthest. Each month will be a different theme and matching box, aside from the shipping box. 

Each box contains, a pamphlet that gives a description of the product, it's value and sometimes spoilers for the next box. 

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Exotic Fruits
Retail Price: $19.00

Wrapped in adorable packagin and infused with coca butter, this 100% cruelty free lipstick keeps lips plumped and glowing with intense color pigments. For a more bolder lip, you can pair with a nude lip liner and blend. I have also used primer underneath and that works well too. Gliding on so smoothly and feels amazing on the lips. Offering this insanely amazing scent. Oh my it is beautiful and so is that packaging, I'm obcessed with the packaging. 

DE BRUYERE After Sun Lotion Monoi
Retail Price: $12.00

Now, I am just head over heals about this stuff. In fact, it's so good that I am using it as a lotion! Yeh, it's that good. All the products are just great in this box, but this is by far my favvvvvvv! Packed with an intensely rich fragrance, I am in ahh over it! Not to mention, it packs a great hydration on the skin. Very moist and full of benefits as it is designed to nourish and protect the skin that has been weakened by the sun. 

La Roche-Posay - Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser 
Full Size: $15.00

Your skin should never feel tight after cleansings! La Roche-Posay's gentle products remove impurities and reduces excess oil while helping to prevent over drying. Use with cleanser, while massaging entire face in circular motions for one minute. To make the most out of your cleansing routine. This was the only item, that wasn't full size. But it was a good deluxed sized and will get a good bit of uses. 

NCLA - Clean Up Your Act 
Full Size: $16.00 

Now, I only paint the toe nails. And I always make mistakes. In the real world, most everyone does. That's okay, cause Clean Up Your Act is to the rescue, literally. This pen is a precision nail lacquer remover and will clean up any accidents. Includes 3 replacement tips. This pen will be so handy, every time I make a mistake, doesn't matter how I try to "clean it up" I always end up smudging the nail! 

Dr. Paw Paw - Multipurpose Soothing Balm
Retail Price: $10.00

I have never used a multipurpose balm. Always use something "targeted", so this was a must try! From skin protector, and moisturizer, to lip finisher, this balm may be used on sunburn or skin irritations, thanks to the natural ingredients which includes fermented Pawpaw. Now that is a multipurpose balm, for real! A formula that you can always carry with you. 

Doucce X Glossybox - Blush Duo Palette
Freematic Small case: $10.00
Freematic Blus Mono: $14.00

This limited edition Blush Duo is a fashionista's dream. The included Summer Sunset shade in this *oh so cute* palette will highlight the apples of your cheeks, leaving behind a soft, sun kissed glow. So one color comes in the magnetic palette, and you get to choose the second shade. It is limited edition and the shades go fast. Which unfortunately for me, I can't access the survey. Which is fine. I am thrilled with the shade provided! 

My free perks for signing up. 

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip
Retail Price: $6.00 each

I got two full sized tubes in the colors, "Wednesday and Speed Dial". I just love those names! But even better I am more thrilled with the colors and how pigmented they are. I have always been a fan of Colorpop. They offer high end product, at a fraction of the cost. The formula is long lasting and has a nice scent to the lippies. But the tubes, they are so pretty and simple. I have an eye for packaging! 

There it is! This $21 box really pays for it's self over and over. 
Plus, you get to try brands and products you wouldn't normally try. 
The after sun lotion, was a huge hit for me, so much I am looking into other products they offer. 
I had never heard of this brand before. Also, that box! Is it not gorgeous?! Oh I am keeping that to. They will fit right inside my makeup vanity in my drawers. 

Another great thing about Glossybox, you can rack up points. Either from doing reviews of the products you get, or referring friends. This is one of the only monthly subscriptions that allow you to use your points, to purchase monthly boxes. 

Glossybox also offers limited edition boxes. This is only available to active members. I have heard you got to be quick on some boxes they come out with cause they go super fast. 

If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox, I will link you right over, just click HERE.

Be sure to follow Glossybox on social media, keep an eye out for news or sneak peaks. 
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