Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jaclyn Hill Palette Say What!

It was hard to get my hands on a Jaclyn Hill Palette, after about 45 minutes and two weeks for shipping... I managed to snag one. This was during the 2nd restock. Apparently, Morphe sold more palettes, then they had and I was one of the unlucky's who had to wait and extra week for shipping. Talk about being upset! haha anyways it came in a few days early then tracking said, once it finally did ship. I was a "happy camper" again.

But, then.. there it is, my Morphe box... and I am terrified to open it.. 
Thinking to myself, my luck.. "this is going to be broken, something happened to it during transit".
Finally, I said screw it and grabbed a pair of scissors.. 
My Jaclyn Palette was perfecly fine! Sweet!

Hands down, this is the most exciting palette I have ever bought. 
Heck, it was the most exciting beauty piece I have ever bought! 
So much hype about this palette.. I'll be the first to say it was worth it. 

Jaclyn did a terrific job choosing these colors and putting this palette together. 
The palette being white! OMG it's freaking awesome. Right now, it's my most "prized possession"!

Swatched so well. Beautiful on and blends so stinking good. There isn't NO, "fall out", what so ever. 
Which is another reason I love Morphe so much. Morphe offers a high quality professional product, without the high costs. 

I do wish that Jaclyn will hurry and post more tutorials with her palette, as she is my favorite eye shadow YouTuber. We all know that girl is killer with a makeup brush! Hopefully, this is also the first of her collaboration with brands and we will get more. Collab items end up being my, "go-to" in my makeup collection. 

Girls run, right now as I am typing this up... Morphe has the JH palette in stock! Not sure how long it will be there. 

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