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Free 12 piece makeup kit from Ulta Beauty

Were you able to snag the 12 piece free beauty set from Ulta? Curious and want to know what's inside? 

Then you came to the right place! 
When I placed my order with I was impatient and wanted to get a good look of what was inside. I couldn't find hardly any spoilers from other customers on YouTube or on Google of the August freebie. But I did find one finally, and I was thrilled for the products inside.

This free 12 piece kit comes with many full sized goodies. I am so excited about this freebie, plus I am already turned on to some items that I will continue purchasing! Items that I would have never purchased. 

So first up, you get to choose from the pink set or the blue set.
Basically, both have the same products and same colors,  they are just in a different marble swirl pattern. 

I chose the pink. In person it's even more pretty! 

Starting with the Makeup Bag first. 

Feels like a nice quality, not something cheap and already fell apart in the mail. Zipper closes nicely and is large enough to hold all the freebies, plus a tad bit more. Would make a great makeup holder for your purse with an attractive look. 

Ulta Lip Primer 
Retail Value: $8.00

I have always wanted to try Ulta's Lip Primer, but never got around to it. So I was stoked. A full sized tube, apply it on before lipstick. Supposely the secret to longer lasting lip color? Helps smooth dry and textured lips. Creates the perfect canvas for comfortable, smooth and longer lasting lip color. Lip color stays vibrant and in place for hours without fading or bleeding. Paraben and sulfate free. Does it live up to its description? I would have to say yes. My main reason for wanting to try this line, when wearing certain lipsticks.. my lips want to start flaking and and peel super easy. My lips haven't chapped at all since using this primer under my lipstick. It also keeps my color from bleeding. Even holding the color on after meals! I exfoliate and tried many balms before trying this primer. It's definitely a winner in my book!

Ulta Beauty - Maximum Lash Mascara
Retail Price: $10.50 (full sized tube)

This formula has long lasting effects, easy to apply, with a good pigment. This mascara is good for the price range. As for me, I use something that cost about triple the amount as I have always had a love/hate relationship with mascara. But for the price, it beats any drug store brand I have used by far. For free, you can't beat it. If your looking for a mascara that won't break the bank and want something to last and not look like spider lashes, then yes.. this would be a good choice. 

Ulta Dual Eyeliner

Comes in a dual stick. 
Black and Plum. Typically, I use liquid or apply a gel liner on the top lid. Then for the bottom for the water crease I use a stick. For some reason, on the water crease a stick will hold color for me better then gel. For a long longer to. The black has a nice pigment, as well as the plum. Neither bleed and had long lasting color. Easy to apply. 

Ulta Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener
(One similar is priced at $2.50)

Also included in this 12 piece set, was a eyeliner sharpener. Which is always nice to have on hand. Features a sharp blade to sharpen eyeliner. The cheap dull ones are always a pain. 

Ulta Beauty Highlighter Palette

I was most excited for this cute palette. Features a translucent powder, a nice warm color and a shimmer, called radiant diamond. Which is my favorite! On it has a gorgeous radiant glow. I will be using the translucent powder quite often to. I use it to mark a line while doing eyeshadow. Learned this amazing trick from Jaclyn Hill. So much better then using tape and when you're finished you can blend it right in. This palette offers a good amount of product and isn't some tiny one use throw away.

Ulta Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

A nice little kit of eyeshadows. There are 6 colors. Two shimmers that are just lovely. Then you have the mattes. So far, of the colors I have tried blend pretty well. Both palettes would work great for all skin tones. Each color has a good amount of product that will certainly last you a while. Again, it's a lot more then just a tiny throw away. I am really impressed with the size of both palettes. 

Ulta Beauty Color Rush - Lip Gloss
Retail Price: $9.00 full size 

In the shade, "Olivia". An attracive pink, glides on easily. So far seems to be long lasting. Feels nice on the lips and not sticky. Stickyness is the problem I usally find with some brands of gloss or they feel oily. Not the case here. Has a nice feel to it and holds its color pretty well. Has a nice pigment and glossy finish. 

Matte Lip Crayon
Retail Price: $8.00 

Here's another favorite from the 12 piece set. This stuff just glides on like a dream. Creating the perfect matte finish on the lip, with a hint of shimmer. This bold and beautiful matte will not dry out lips and applies so even and just effortlessly. This formula is enriched with vitamins that deeply hydrate and protect. With nutrients that are beneficial to dy lips. This is something that I don't need to apply primer to because of dry chappy lips. 

Mini Mirror

Every purse need a mirror! However, I am going to complain just a tad! It doesn't have a cover over the mirror to keep it from getting dirty. But, since it was free.. it's not that big of a deal. Stamped with the Ulta Beauty logo and matching the makeup bag bag. 

Blush Brush

Soft and densely packed bristles. Nice simple look and feels good in the hand. Applies nicely. 

Tinted Eye Primer (full sized) 
Retail Price: $12.00

In the color satin blush, this tinted primer offers a pink shimmer. Can be layered under eyeshadow as a primer. Or worn alone as a cream eyeshadow. The formula has a very lightweight feel, with a luminous finish. Blendable and offers lasting effects for your eyeshadow, holding it all day. With the perfect hint of color. I love that it can be worn by it's self. 

And last but not least! A $5 off coupon on the next purchase. Of course that will come in handy. Cause Ulta just turned me in to an even bigger customer! They officially succeeded with getting me to buy more! haha, more makeup is always a good thing, though! 

To get this free 12 piece kit, you had to spend $19.50 or more on select Ulta Beauty products. 
I was lucky to get a Melissa Michelle eyeshadow palette before it went out of stock. So I was stocked to see my Ulta Beauty Box arrive! Unfortunately, my palette arrived broken oh no! I called up Ulta and told them what had happened. Thankfully, this company offers amazing customer service as it is hard to get something returned or replaced from some makeup company's. So I get an email that my card was fully refunded because they couldn't send a replacement, as this palette was now out of stock! Huge bummer!! As much as I wanted a new palette, I was understanding and glad to get my money back plus they refunded the amount I paid for shipping. For now, I will try and fix the palette.

Back to the 12 piece free gift.. I can't believe how many full sized products was in this kit. I was able to find the value for most of the items, and I am still shocked. I know they have done these free 12 piece gifts in the past, but this was the first one I have ever received. If the site allows you to with each new season they offer, I will definitely be purchasing just to get this freaking awesome kit! 

Right now this offer is still up for grabs! Get it while you can at 

While supplies last. Offer does not work with coupon codes and only select products. 

Would make a great starter kit for anyone who is just building their stash of makeup goodies or for the one who just always wants more! I my self love to collect! I am one of those who hoards makeup! That's the only real collection I have going on. Hey, it makes me happy and that is what matters right! Let me know if you got a kit and what you thought! 

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