Saturday, August 19, 2017

DIY Color Switch - dry cosmetic brush cleaner

So I am guilty of using a towel, tissue, wash cloth , anything in my reach, when trying to color switch. That was yesterday! Time to throw in the towel, literally. 

Anyways, last night I see this picture pop up on my news feed, on FB. It was from a makeup page or group that I'm in. Anything related to makeup always catching my attention. A photo of an egg shell foam  with a cosmetic brush? I am thinking.. huh! Then I start reading in to and see this its a color switch! I have never owned a professional color switch. There are some out there, that will run $18 or more. I am not downing them, just never tried one. 

There are some neat little ways to make this color switch. Some would have involved me going to the Dollar Store. Which they were closed, it was past 9 and I really wanted to try this method. So I just decided to peak around the house and use what I have on hand. 

I was lucky, I had the foam. Thanks to Boxycharm. If your not a subscriber, then take a look at my August box HERE I just subscribed myself! My Charm Box had just arrived a few days earlier and for some reason, I hadn't threw out the egg foam yet. 

Then, I found an old powder container in a makeup bag, and put that to use. 
The next steps was easy peasy. I traced the opening of the container onto the bottom of the egg shell. That way it would properly fit, if you're using something smaller, be sure to cut off enough to close the lid, if needed. 

I did test this theory before cutting it and all. And oh my, it worked wonders in no time. If you have used a towel or tissue, then you're really going to love this color switch method.

There are many ways to do this DIY. 
The Dollar Tree sells tin cans, with clear lids. If you chose that route, get the larger one. Or just cut out a square and add to your stash of makeup. It's all up to you.  

If you don't have egg foam, that's okay. There are plenty of options. 
Some people prefer stipple sponge. Now I have never used a professional color switch but judging from the pictures, stipple sponge looks just like the Vera Mona Color Switch. You can also use, a new foam kitchen sponge or even a hair doughnut. Next time I visit the Dollar Tree, I will pick up a stipple sponge. I do want to try that method, too. I will be sure to post an update.
Add some style or bedazzle to your color switch, if you'd like. By adding jewels, washi tape, anything to add some pizzazz. I have a pretty pink spray paint, I was thinking would look good.

Overall, I am really impressed with this filler. Cleaning my brushes, on the fly, whenever I need to switch colors. Doesn't require any liquid cleaner, and just a couple swipes across the foam. Removing dark colors, switching to a light. While I can not compare this to professional color switch products, I can say this method worked very well. 

Have you ever tried this DIY? What did you use as a filler? 

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