Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

Bite Beauty, is certainly a brand that always puts out some of the most amazing products. Their specialty is lipstick and they are certainly concurring the market with their, "bite". This company is has an all natural line of products, each Bite lip product is handcrafted, one by one. Providing nourishing, restorative benefits. Lipsticks contain natural and organic ingredients- moisturizers and protective antioxidants like organic fruit butters and Manuka honey, that will leave the lips full of color and crazy moisturized!

The Amuse Bouche lipstick is one of my favorite brands as far as lip color. Formula is super pigmented and hydrating. I also love that citrus scent and it tastes great, too!

These lipsticks have a thick, creamy consistency in their wax and allows them to give off such a rich color pigment. Most importantly, to me anyways.. they are very comfortable to wear, a weightless formula. Packs a huge punch of hydration, my lips always feel so nice with this lippie on. Texture wise, I always feel like I'm lathering my lips with a stick of butter. Amouse Bouche, works beautifully without a lip liner or primer, as it does offer long lasting effects. I can get around 6 hours of wear without flaking.

The actual lipstick tube is so simple and straight forward. Like a flattering lipstick bullet. I love simple and flattering! A really stunning look. The tubes have a rubberized matte feel and is quite sturdy. The lid clicks tight and has a satisfying "click".

Beetroot is a very intense shade. It's certainly a stunner. For a berry, it's not to purple, but the perfect in between. It's certainly a very refreshing shade and has a hint of fuchsia. Makes for a perfect color for spring or fall choice.

Gazpacho is a gorgeous blood red or raspberry. This is one color that is my go-to when choosing a red for the day. It's one that I can pull off with any changing season. Swipes on very bold and is a stunner color. Bite describes it as a true-blue red, on my lips it's a bright cool toned red, that I adore.

Pepper is the most everyday wearable, that will go with a variety of different looks. I really prefer "Pepper" as it helps brighten up my complexion.

As you can see from the swatches, each color is highly pigmented. Swatches don't lie! This was one swipe for each color. These lipstick "bullets" really pack some color, right?! Not a true matte, but not a shiny color either, its the perfect in between.

There is really no complaints I have with this line, however they do transfer, quite a bit.
I have very long hair, and if it's blown or moves in front of the lips, the locks will catch some color! Not really a complaint, as most lipsticks tend to do. Just sayin... They do tend

In total the full range comprises of 44 shades available on there's bound to be something to suit every skin tone. However, these lipsticks are certainly not cheap. Retail price is $26 a piece from Sephora. For that $26 your getting an almost nearly 100% natural lipstick that is so full of color, with a creamy formula that stays put. Bites ingredients are mainly food grade. Since you end up "eating" most of the lipstick you apply, may as well be something safe! I appreciate any type of all natural formula. Which is where the color lipstick names come from! Find you're perfect color on

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary, for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own, pure and true. 

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