Monday, July 24, 2017

Sniper Outfitters Camo Hunting Suit

Hunting season is almost here, not much longer. Everyone around here are gearing up, getting their trail cameras ready, watching the areas that have "traffic". My husband just got into a few years ago. He isn't an expert and will only hunt what he plans to cook. Nothing will go to waste. He has everything he needed, but one thing he was missing was a camo hunting suit. There are a wide range of gillie suits to choose from and most come with a hefty price tag. So if your looking for a gillie suit that will blend in, then look no further, then Sniper Outfitters. Offering a fine looking suit, that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.

This suit, is 2 pieces. The pants and hoodie. Completely covering the head, slap you on a dab of  face paint, with camo boots, and you will become nearly invisible. The best part is, this set is not only lightweight, but extremely comfortable. You can't even hardly tell it's there. Unique 3-D leaves provide a silent three dimensional camouflage that will make you virtually disappear in heavily wooded areas, bushy areas or prairie. The leaves will not snag on brush or debris.

This breathable mesh, two piece set is made from a high quality polyester fabric and nylon, weighing less then 2 pounds. Great for storage, as it literally takes up no space what so ever. My husband keeps his suit in his hunting gear bag. He is always saying how he doesn't want any smells on his gear. I definitely don't think he will allow me to wash it, haha... but hey, it would hold up in a washing machine, just probably wouldn't be best to dry it.

Another issue we face when looking for the right gillie suit.. will there be a lot of noise, by snagging a branch or something moving around on the suit. Not at all, this suit will never catch on branches or twigs. Offers elastic waist for easy adjustment. My husband also carries a side arm, and has no problem carrying.

Recommended for deer hunting, duck, bird, elk or turkey. Also has some other uses as well. For instance paintball. This suit would be ideal for hiding in a paint ball fight as well. Again, it's not going to break the back and will keep you pretty much invisible just like your looking for.

This suit is an XXL, made for a 38-42 inch waist. My husband wears a 34 and is pretty tall and was able to fit in it just fine. He is more then pleased with the suit. Now he hasn't got to use it for hunting just yet, but he has confidence in it.

Sniper Outfitters Gillie Suit is available on Amazon, you can hop on over HERE to order for $39.97. Keep in mind as always with products on Amazon, prices may change.

Disclosure: I received this product for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine, pure and true. 

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