Thursday, July 27, 2017

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara

I have had an odd relationship with mascaras, over the years. It's hard to find a one that works the way I want it to. The color is to be very black, making my lashes thicker, adding volume and of course length.. but at the same time not clumped together looking like a hot mess or spider lashes. I have never been one to use a lash curler. They make it clump and stick together. Then shortly after, the curl still falls out. Either way, finding a mascara is really hard. I test the waters, quite often. Sometimes I will find something that works, and I have seen a lot of disappointments, then feel the need to switch it up some.

I have used the Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics, when it first came out. It was sent to me for a review. It was okay, but it wasn't something that made me go wow! Which is why I never tried They're Real.Yeah, I know it's been out for years and all, was a super hyped product in the beauty community, but one that I just skipped over. Something come over me, one day inside of  Sephora and just said the heck with it, it's time. For me, it was like one of those things... "where have you been all my life", why did I wait so long.

First up, the color was very rich and more of a deeper black. Perfect!
As for Roller Lash, there's no comparison. Everything is different even the color.
A lot of ladies, don't care for the wand.. however it works great for me. I was able to work it, pretty well. Made with plastic bristles and a dome tip, uses precision the bristles will lift, define and curl even the tiniest lashes. I was able to get volume, as well as desired thickness I wanted.

For me, the wand worked magic.

My lashes are like a very light brown color, especially on the tips, so light you can hardly even see them. They're not short, but I certainly wasn't blessed with lovely long lashes! If you have the natural long lashes, count your lucky stars! Cause that's what we all wish for!
Indeed, it did give length, lots of it! Doubled it seemed.

What else you need to know:
Go horizontal: the staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume. 
Then go vertical: the custom-domed tip with precision bristles lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes.

Only one negative I found.
The formula is a bit wet. While blinking afterwards, I did manage to smear bits on top and under-eye area. It does need a bit longer to dry.

Final Verdict:
Benefit's They're Real! mascara, did indeed give me the lash effect they promised. It stayed on all day without smudging, sweat could not even make it run. Gave my lashes a nice curl, in a impressive way, while doubling in length and a bit of volume. Adding a second an 3rd layer, really works even better and is more of the effect I was going for. You get it all without the smudges and clumps! A solid and very well performing beauty product, that no drug store products could achieve. Has a very fair price. I have used a lot more expensive mascaras that didn't come close to these results.

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