Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flyaway - Pigeon Forge

After spending a fun filled week in Pigeon Forge, there is something that is top on my list now, to always visit whenever I return! That is indoor flying. OMG it was amazing. My husband and I both liked it better then any other attraction we participated in. In my group, there was a wide age group. From my mom who is 60, to my daughter that is 4! And she loved it to!! The crowd that was there around the windows, was cheering her on, it was awesome, cause she was just a tinie tiny thing! Clothes were to big for her! haha 

When you first go in, you will have to sign a waiver. Then you have to take a "flight class". Which was quick and to the point. There's a few important things you will need to know before you can enter.

You'll get to "suit up" and go on a trip!
Our instructor was amazing. While the experience, was amazing, he did everything to make our visit even more pleasing.

Main thing is holding your arms and legs in a certain position, which is hard when the fan is hitting you at high speeds. 

Once we got used to it, it was just the most fun experience, I think I have ever had in my lifetime. Check it out for your self on my YouTube channel HERE For $15 you can get a flash drive of your flight. Just let them know at the time of check-in. It only takes a couple minutes to copy it over. If your planning a trip to, Pigeon Forge, make sure you stop at Flyaway! I promise it will be one of the top attractions you do! For more information visit Flyaway

Disclosure: This visit was provided complimentary, to provide my honest review. Opinions expressed here are entirely mine, pure and true. 

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