Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wireless backup camera

So my husband got a newer car, however I like mine better hehe.. anyway the only one thing that is better then mine, is the fact that it has it's own built in screen and back up camera. So I have been pretty jelly since. Heck for that one reason, I have been wanted a new car! Which isn't happening.. anytime soon at least. My payments are finally over with and I am not ready for more right now. So instead I settled for something much CHEAPER! A heck of a lot cheaper, and that is a wireless car camera. I have the EsiCam HD Wireless Rear View Camera. Made for trailers, trucks, SUV's... you name it. A very small camera that is magnetic that you just place right on the back of the vehicle.

So first off, you don't need a computer science degree to set it up and literally takes seconds. Instructions are very clear and tells you step by step. You just basically download an app and connect your phone to the camera. Once you do that it's ready. Easy peasy! It's not Bluetooth, so each time you plan to use it, you will need to be connected, which it will remember and your phone acts as the screen. The camera has amazing clear picture, it's night vision and has a bug free app.

Product Description
EsiCam® EH05 is one of the most popular vehicle backup camera offered by us and it's World first HD Portable iPhone Wifi trailer camera that is used for RV / Trailer rear view, back up, hitch up, It is multi-purpose,can also be used in warehouses, farms, and homes. You may find its specifications below: 
Multi-purpose outdoor water proof iPhone directly viewed vehicle backup camera / home security wireless IP camera: 
(1) Work as a Wifi Hotspot connect to iPhone/iPad/Android phone directly, without router. Use iPhone as a Mirror for RV/Car back up, hitch up,rear view. Windows Pad (Surface) also support but with simple software. 
(2)Weather-Proof Housing; Magnetic base with mount hole, easy install,Magnetic strength: 8kg vertical; 100% Compatible with GoPro camera mounting kits for installation anywhere; 
(3) 15FT / 5-Meter Night Vision Distance 
(4) View angle 100 degree; Video resolution: HD 1280x720 (1 Mega pixel),Frame rate: 25fps@720p, 15fps@VGA; 
(5) SD card support 128G for recording, snapshot; alarm recording & schedule recording. 
(6) Creative Built in High power white LED as button controlled Flashlight; 
(7) Video Reverse /Flip option set on App, video quality HD(720p)/STD(VGA) settable on App; 
(8)Can hook to wireless router and work as P2P network camera by iPhone for baby monitoring & home security. 
(9) Motion detection alarm, sound alarm, scope monitor ,email alarm, scheduled recording, push notification triggered by alarm,powerful function as P2P IP camera on iPhone/smart phone; Working Temp: -10-50C; Working time of built in battery: 7.5Hours after full charging(LED off); Charging time: 5 hours; Wireless transmission distance: 50-100m/ 150ft; 

1 x Camera; 
1 x AC 110-220V Power adapter with USB output (5V); 
1 x USB charging cable; 
1 x User manual

This camera is great to move around. It's wonderful to have an option where, once I get done in the vehicle and want to bring it inside or place on the porch.. I can. There is absolutely no cords and truly wireless. The battery last fully for about 7.5. Then it's time for a charge. In the car, I wouldn't even come close. So it lasts me plenty though out the day and I am usually charging at night.

Both Android or IOS is compatible with this camera. Which is great, we have both in this house!
As I stated, the app is bug free.. I haven't had any issues what so ever with the app and it's very very simple to navigate. Once you do set up, it's just really important to change that password, so no one could easily hack it.. Make it to something you will remember and maybe even write it down and put in  a safe place.

Hope on over now to check out this awesome camera! Just click HERE


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