Friday, October 21, 2016

Sleep Apnea Relief

Disclosure: I received this product, along with compensation for my honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely mine, pure and true. 

One of the most common sleep disturbance problems in America is Sleep Apnea. Estimated to effect over 25 million people on a regular basis. The condition prevents the sleeper from entering REM and Delta sleep causing them to become anxious, cantankerous, and tired during the day. There are very serious health consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation. Additionally, due to the nature of the condition, it causes blood oxygen levels to be lower than normal for very prolonged periods of time. This is damaging to the brain and heart in particular.

Usually the patient is told, to stop smoking... lose weight or drink less alcohol, living a more healthier lifestyle, the next steps would be to try out a CPAP or beyond that surgery. Maybe your not quite ready for surgery or a sleep mask, which is why Sleep Apnea Relief by Nature's Rite is the next best thing. Sleep Apnea Relief  is an herbal treatment. Using natural herbs to address the cause of sleep apnea, not just the symptoms. This treatment will make you relaxed and allow you to fall asleep easier. The mix of herbs will relax the muscles that restrict nervous flow, will increase drowsiness, enhances respiration and increases lung efficiency. Offers a natural feeling of falling asleep. The best part is, this is a non habit forming supplement.

About 30 minutes before your ready to go to sleep, take one tablet with a glass of water., but no more then 2 in a night. Relax, lay down and no distractions. It's easier said then done, I know! Anyways, you will feel the effects with in 30 minutes. It's not chemically enhanced feeling. It's a natural feel and it doesn't make you feel terrible the next day. Natural is defiantly the way to go! Has an 3 year expiration date, mine is good till 2019.

Come in a capsule form and easily digests. They do have a little bit of a "herbal" scent, nothing that I can't handle though. They're really not that bad and doesn't leave a bad after taste. If for some reason, you may have a problem swallowing the capsules, you can open one and add it to a little bit of apple sauce.

Another important fact about Sleep Apnea Relief, it can cure snoring, while using these supplements! Now, your partner can get a full nights sleep too! hehe. I know all about that! Many people who were using CPAPs, no longer use them since taking Sleep Apnea Relief, it's definitely worth a try. If your interested in learning more, or would like to make a purchase, this link will take you directly to Nature's Rite website Sleep Apnea Relief.


  1. A dentist, orthodontist or primary physician will be able to help you diagnose sleep apnea. It is important to clear up the problem before more severe medical issues have an opportunity to begin.

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  3. Focal rest apnea, then again, is brought about by the sensory system. For this situation, wheezing is not a side effect. Breathing interruption is created when the cerebrum no longer send signs to the muscles. Merry Luke