Wednesday, October 12, 2016

K9 Pro Gluclosamine & MSM supplements for dogs - any breed/size

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation for an honest review. Opinions expressed here are mine, pure and true. 

If you have a dog, that suffers with joint or hip problems, then keep reading!
We own two Great Pyrenees, and to me they are one of the greatest breeds I know of. Absolutely amazing with kids and at the same time, an incredible watch dogs. These babies are not small, they are quite large, just a big ole cuddle bug! The oldest, Bo... he is about 90 pounds, he's a whopper! Larger dogs, such as this are more known to be affected with hip dysplasia or a decrease in cartilage as they age. Bo started showing signs of arthritis and come to find out was losing cartilage.

Our vet recommend a Gluclosamine supplement and he's been taking it since. We have seen a huge change in his movements, he also doesn't pant like before, has more energy and seems to not be in pain like before. All around does a lot better. So we started it with Missy too. Although she didn't have any signs and may not, it isn't something that would hurt her and will only promote healthy joints. Doggie's need their vitamins too!

These tablets, not only work for large dogs, but any breed or any size. The tablets have this beefy smell.. not a good one to a human, it's pretty bad! But... one that would interest a dog and is chewable. With our dogs, we will put one in with the food of the morning and night. For different sizes, you won't need that much. The tablets are pretty big, you could cut them in halves for smaller breeds, if you wanted. My dogs, have no issues with them, they don't even know the difference. There are a ton of brands out there to chose from. This one is a bit different and is one I trust now. First off, they have a 100% guarantee, If for any reason, you can contact the K9 Pro for a refund or a replacement. These are more benefiting because one chew-able tablet contains, more competitors, making them last up to ten times longer.1 chewable treat has 800mg Glucosamine, 400mg Chondroitin & MSM, and 100mg Vitamin C most brands don't even include!

More information:

  • RELIEVE JOINT PAIN & IMPROVE MOBILITY IN 1 TASTY CHEW PER DAY: Help your dog get back to their frisky self again with this advanced joint and hip support supplement. Cushions joints and reduces inflammation so your dog can play like a puppy again

  • DOGS CAN'T TELL YOU IF THEY ARE IN PAIN OR DISCOMFORT: Don't wait until it is too late to give your friend the help they need. Just like humans, dogs need specific vitamins and minerals to feel good too

  • GREAT FOR ALL DOGS NOT JUST FOR SENIOR DOGS: Supports Hip and Joint discomfort and the early onset of arthritis in younger dogs. Arthritis is one of the most common health problems for dogs and dog owners often miss the early warning signs. Extend the time you have with your best friend by maintaining joint health from an early age with the best glucosamine chondroitin for dogs money can buy.

To purchase or to find out more information, you can check out K9 Pro Gluclosamine & MSM by clicking over to Amazon here


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