Saturday, July 2, 2016

3 Gallon Stainless Steal Steam Control Stockpot

When I first got this "steam pot", by Skivu, I knew it was going to be useful, but it's actually going to be used a lot more then I originally expected. When I first got unpackaged, I immediately could tell that it was top notch and it really has some thickness and weight, which is one of the first things I will look for. It's about as heavy and thick as my pressure cooker. Which to me is just excellent. The lid fits it just right and as far as it sits on the stove, it's level and doesn't lean. The lid also is a perfect match for the pot and fits it well.

This is a very large pot and is perfect for large family's, cooking extras and even for canning. It's much wider then my regular kettle, so I'm now using it for fresh corn as comes in from the garden to freeze. I had this full of ears of corn and since it's so wide and deep, I can fit a lot more at once, when I'm boiling them.

Cooking roast or ribs were just a breeze. You don't need to add but just a very small amount of water and they came out incredibly moist and falling off the bone. Normally I would bake those in the oven over night, slow. But this makes them taste even better.

The value is just, a push and close. You don't have to use force. Just a simple swivel and that's it.

On each end, there are heavy duty handles that, really help. They don't get hot and have a solid grip, as you will need from the weight and food will add more. 

Easy to clean up. I wouldn't recommend in a dishwasher because of its size. It's stainless still, so a rag and soap will clean it easily. The thickness also makes for it being more easier to clean. It's also very important to know that you will need to give it a good cleaning before the first use. The manufacturer does us a special oil to coat the inside to keep it preserved and it could turn the bottom brown. 

I also have to say it's a very beautiful pot and the stainless steel just shines. It's a piece that you could totally leave on the oven, and get by with it, if you wanted to. I'm more then pleased with the performance, build of this steam pot, it's been an amazing addition to my kitchen and will be using it over and over. Skivu is a great brand and offers also offers a lifetime warranty, on the steampot, so you can go wrong! You can purchase on Amazon, just hop on over HERE

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for an honest review, opinions are my own pure and true. 

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