Friday, June 17, 2016

Electric Meat Grinder

Just got my new meat grinder in and have to say I'm really impressed. Not only is it just a meat grinder but also a tomato juicer. Pretty thrilled about that. My tomatoes should be ready in about 2 weeks, so I'm ready to do some juicing!

The "Magic Mill" Meat Grinder is a well made appliance. It's a pretty huge size and will need plenty of counter space. It's also a beautiful stainless steel piece, if you wanted to leave it out for display, would totally look good. There are 3 attachments included and is said to be strong enough to grind through bones!

This grinder is electric and runs smoothly, so far I haven't had it stop up, not even once. The only actual complaint I have, it's not dishwasher safe nor is the attachments.  Although it is easy to clean and sanitize, just would have been even more easy to run through dishwasher, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

Peak Output Power - 1800 watts of power representing the maximum locked motor wattage for peak performance.
Grinding Head - is size #12 so you are guaranteed it is not a small grinder and ensures capability for handling large quantities quickly.
Feed Tube - has a 2" diameter for easy insertion of meat portions.
Output Tube - is 2 ½" diameter ensuring easy output of large quantities of ground meat.
Grinding Plates - three are included and they are made from tempered steel. They are sized as course, medium 1/4″ and fine 5/32". These plate sizes are designed to provide flexibility for your grinding tasks.

Sausage Tubes - a set of three sausage tubes and Kubbe/ Kibbe attachment are included. The sausage tubes are 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" so you can make different sized sausages.
Meat Pan - is larger than usual and allows for larger cuts of meat to be fed into the grinding plates, significantly reducing meat preparation and processing times.
Tomato Juicer - an addition attachment for juicing tomatoes not designed for any other type of juicing.

Has a stainless steel body for easy cleaning.
Ideal for grinding up chickens and other ingredients for making pet food.
Doesn't jam up.
Grinds very quickly.
Easy to clean tubes and small parts via hand-washing.

Most importantly, the "Magic Mill" Meat Grinder won't break the bank. For an appliance of its kind, considering it is electric, with multiple attachments, and the fact that it's a tomato juicer... has an affordable price. It's definitely built to last you for a good long while. To learn more or purchase, just hope on over to Amazon HERE

Disclosure: I received this product for an honest and unbiased review. Opinions are my own, pure and true. 

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