Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dandruff Shampoo that really works!

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation to provide my honest review. Opinions are mine, pure and true. 

Alright, dandruff is no fun! Who's with me!? When I was younger, I must have been lucky or something, cause I never had problems, with dandruff up until a few years ago. It's been such a huge problem ever since. My husband has it, so I always like to blame it on him!! haha
I always keep traditional dandruff shampoos, but they don't work as good as I would like. Plus I am not at all fond of the way the smell or the way they make my hair look. I actually cheat a little sometimes, and will use the dandruff shampoo first, then my regular shampoo, it probably defeats the purpose, but bad hair days are not good! So for the past ten days, I have been trying a 100% All-Natural Dandruff Shampoo, "Puriya" Scalp Therapy. Within the first few days, I could see huge results. Pretty much gone. I can see why it works so well, cause the main ingredients are Tea Tree Oil, Sage, Aloe, and Vitamin B. Tea Tree Oil does wonders for the hair. I sometimes add a few drops to my hair, when in need, but the smell is downright horrible. So this is now my in between, i really wont need anymore drops added, as long as I am using Puriya Scalp Thearapy.

One thing I have noticed, is that you don't need to use it daily to control dandruff. I think now, that I have got it at bay and away, I will probably use it once or twice a week or tinker around and find what will work best. The thing is with this shampoo, when I do use it, my hair isn't a fuzz ball! Which was a huge problem before. My hair is incredibly thick and long and and loves to fuzz. This doesn't do that, thank goodness.

Puriya, also controls itching. And I did suffer from itching scalp to. Thankfully, Puriya, has helped that to, as it can get embarrassing.. walking around in public, digging in to your scalp, definetely don't want people thinking, "she has the cooties"!!!

Another important fact, I'd like to state about this shampoo, it's sulfate free and paraben free. Much prefer something more clean, when possible. I used to be one of those people, that was like... oh no that is just hippie talk, natural stuff isn't any better and probably doesn't even work. Well I was way wrong, actually, now I would never try to battle that! I can see what a difference there is, in a product that is natural.

Puriya Scalp Therapy is available on Amazon, hop on o er HERE to learn more or to try it out for yourself.

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