Thursday, March 3, 2016

Organizing makeup and the awesome look from acrylic drawers

Oakleaf Makeup Organizer is a must have for any girl and will really make your life so much easier. I am also loving this display, my makeup looks amazing housed in it, it really gives off a nice vibe, whether you want to place it on your dresser in your room or on the bathroom counter, its going to look so classy and cute. 

The makeup organizer is very well made. The acrylic has a nice thickness to it and is completely see through. It's assembled great. There is no, "glue spots" anywhere. The drawers are easy to open/close. They aren't tight that you would have to force them. Now in the drawers there is a mesh lining, it's not super thick and doesn't take up to much room, especially if you are really trying to get as much makeup in them as possible! This makeup organizer comes in two sections, it can be placed as a whole, but it can also be separated. So if you wanted to sit them side by side. 

The compartments are a great size. I can easily fit my lipsticks in the space provided. They fit snug and doesn't tip over. The section on the right is "open" and is great for foundations or anything you would like to place there. The back has a space to hold blush brushes. 

The knobs on the drawers are very classy and to me gives it a much greater look. 

I am so pleased with this organizer, it really makes those mornings go so much smoother. I can easily find makeup faster and I don't have to dig through a bag for something, just easily grab! Everything has a special fitting and was really thought out when made. All the compartments are nicely sized to fit the makeup. I love to display my makeup on this "stand". I have lots of expensive, high end makeup and it just gives a very classy display. Not only is it great for organizing, but it also ensures that makeup wont get broke. I have always used makeup bags and they get really full, things get broken and we all know how big of a mess that makeup leaves, glitter and foundation are the worst. So now my makeup wont get broken. 

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for an honest and unbiased review. 

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