Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fancy sheets, for a crib or toddler bed

My darling daughter, just started sleeping in her toddler bed about 3 months ago, full time. So we got her this gorgeous "carriage bed", it has crowns on the top of each post and it's just strikingly beautiful. We wanted to find something special for her bedding, that goes with her colors and chest of drawers , which is a teal. Locally, there was nothing to chose from. I am not kidding, the major department store here, just one! Had like 2 different sheets and wasn't what I had in mind. I wanted something fancy and vibrant as her bed. ZiggyBaby to the rescue!

Now it comes in a pack of two and with the most awesome patterns ever. Chevron and a cross patter. Colors are teal and gray and just handsome, I was really stoked about these. I was a bit skeptical at first and thought it would look more for a boy, but that is not the case. Yeh, they are for a boy but definitely for a girl also. These will work with a crib mattress or toddler, which are the exact same thing.. I love the pattern in her room and how it clashes, but it would also look fancy in a crib room. Especially if you are not using any bedding in the crib and just dressing in warm clothes. I was always so scared to put a blanket, pillow or anything in the crib when she was smaller.

These sheets are very tight fitting. Which is exactly what I want... The fitted sheet fits around the mattress snug and doesn't come off the corners not even an inch. This was a big deal for me and especially if it is for the crib. These won't ride up any and mom won't be worrying with them.

Babies and toddlers, like soft and the best just like mom and dad. Well, the ZiggyBaby sheets are just that, soft and oh so comfy, with an amazing soft touch. Washer/dryer does no damage to them and color hasn't faded, I do wash with like colors. As for the color, it's not super bright, but soft and vivid. The teal and gray clashes so nicely together. I would have to say that the chevron print is my favorite, but the cross is pretty awesome too. They both are a must have for any crib/toddler bed - girl or boy... and will have no problem matching themes.

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Disclosure I received this product complimentary for an honest review. Opinions are my own. 

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