Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Easy Southern Hush-Puppies

My mother is the best southern cook, I have ever stumbled across. She doesn't hardly use any spices or herbs, just flour, cornmeal, oil and milk are her main ingredients. That's all they had when she was growing up and she can make anything she wants just with only a few ingredients. Me on the other hand, I don't have that kind of cooking skills! It takes a store for me to get something good. I can cook, don't get me wrong but nothing like my mother. Fried fish and hush puppies were a favorite of mine growing up and she could make them like you wouldn't believe. I have tried for years, to master her hush puppies and nothing cuts it, till now. A new brand for me called, House Autry Mills. Now they have been around for a while, but I am just now hearing of them and feel so upset it taken all this time!

House Autry Mills makes some of the best tasting batters and breaders available, currently has around 3 dozen classic Southern products and in 8,000 grocery retailers. It sure does have that true southern taste! My first batter from them is the hush puppy with onion. Very easy to make, all you need is water.

All you need to do, is pour the contents into a mixing bowl, add about 7/8 cup of water, mix and let stand 5 minutes. Then teaspoon the batter into a deep fryer for 3 minutes. Using a paper towel, to drain off grease. Then wall-ah, honestly this is every bit as good as my momma's hush puppies (just don't let her hear that!) If you have ever tried, Long John Silver's hush puppies, to me they kind of resemble those, because of the onion flavor, but LJS has nothing on House Autry Mill's!

Hush puppies are a great end to nearly any fried meal or baked, it doesn't matter to me cause I could seriously make them a meal all by them selves. Another great dish would be to make a hush puppie/crab cake. Which is what I will be doing with the next box of mix, by House Autry Mill's I get!

Check out House-Autry Mills here they even make ground grits!! Which is another southern fav of mine. Corn meal, chicken/seafood breaders, biscuit and corn bread mixes, why oh why am I just finding out about this company!

You can also go to the store locator, to see if they are in a store near you, click here

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Disclosure: I received this product/compensation to provide an honest review, opinions are all mine. 

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