Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cupids Arrow Candle

Ahh, love is in the air, love it or hate it.. it comes every year. Chocolates, roses, candies, and candles. Leave it to Sugar Creek Candle company to come up with a perfect Valentines Day candle, called- "Cupids Arrow" don't ya just love the name! Have I mentioned how cute this candle is, it's in a simple glass jar, but with a cute little label on the front, with a red soy candle. Scent is Red Hot Cinnamon Candies and as soon as you pop the lid off the jar, you get a good hit of the fragrance right away.

Now when you burn this baby, it is sure to get a nice delightful scent throughout the room, but not to overpowering and one that would knock you down. It puts off a wonderful aroma and sure to spice up the room in fragrance.

Soy candles is always a greater choice, but, Sugar Creek Candle company is certainly no letdown. This candle is meant to burn for 75 hours, which is pretty awesome, considering the size. I have only burned it for about 12 hours and I can honestly see how I can get 75 hours of use. You can tell the liquid is much thicker than common candles and from the looks of how long I have used it, it hasn't moved much from the top.

If you are a candle lover or just looking for a gift for someone special, then Cupids Arrow is a must have. Just hop on over to Amazon to purchase HERE.

Disclosure: I received this product to provide my honest review. Opinions are all mine.

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