Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Creative Scents, storage bin

Sometimes a little basket is all you need to turn a messy area into a decorative piece. From cosmetics all over the counter, magazines and remotes under the coffee table.. why not change that stuff out and add some decor while your at it. 

"Creative Scents" Storage Basket, is an elegant decorative container with tons of space. Making it perfect for storing fresh linens in the bathroom, to organizing some of the clutter on the closet shelf. No matter what you house in the basket, the look will surely be appealing. When you first look at the basket, you are sure to think it's wicker, in fact, it's a woven plastic on a metal frame and will never crack, break or separate. Wide handles and a nice selection of colors to choose from. It's also deep, which is something else that makes it so catchy. The only problem is.. that one is not enough! Good thing this company makes another matching basket, cause I am going to need it!

This basket is certainly, no cheapo, and sure doesn't look like it's plastic weaving. Strong and sturdy, it will hold even heavy objects. Cleans well and looks great in any room. Hop on over to Amazon and check out the other colors, HERE

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary, for my honest review. Opinions are all mine. 

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