Thursday, February 18, 2016

American Ginseng Capsules

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation, for an honest review. My opinions are all mine, pure and true. 

My dad would hunt and dig ginseng root, when I was a kid, I never really understood the reason as to why, but as I got older, I am wishing I knew what leafs to look for! Back then, he would boil the actual root in water to make a tea or sometimes he would eat the root and last, he would dry it out and sell it. It was very expensive by the root and still is. While I don't have the time to get out and find it myself like he did, there is a supplemental ginseng that is available. The roots are ground right in to a powder and home grown in the United States, Marathon County Wisconsin, "American Ginseng Capsules" by Tuff Bear Nutrition.

About the Product

TUFF BEAR American Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules are made with 100% Natural Pure Potent Herbal Panax Quinquefolium American Wisconsin Ginseng Roots that are ground to an extract powder. These Ginseng Roots are grown in Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA.
BUY RISK FREE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Buy Risk Free from TUFF BEAR - If you are not 100% Satisfied we'll give you a refund. Made in the USA in a FDA inspected facility to meet or exceed stringent USP standards for quality, purity and potency. American ginseng is a well-studied herb with a long track record of safety as a cognitive health supporter.
SUPPORTS FOCUS AND MEMORY: American ginseng has been shown to provide fast-acting natural support for optimal mental focus and alertness, faster thinking and decision-making, quicker recall and overall increased clarity of mind.
FIGHTS STRESS & FATIGUE: American ginseng has a long history of use an adaptogen known to fight fatigue and stress by supporting the adrenal glands, while also helping muscles utilize oxygen.
PURE NATURAL GINSENG: Each capsule has 500 mg of a powerful American Wisconsin Ginseng Powder grown and cultivated in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Periodically the lots of ginseng roots are tested for ginsenosides, the herb's most active constituent. Not every lot is tested, but the last two lots tested from the growing season contained 7% ginsenosides.

So the first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle of American Ginseng Capsules, was the smell. It wasn't a powerful odor, but it did smell like ginseng, which was a plus. As far as taking the capsules, there was no bad after taste, but I did have a few of the "ginseng burps"! I will say that I did have a more natural energy boost through out the day and I didn't get shakey or anything. I am only on my 5th day, but I can see more and more each day, cheers to a full month! I'll update for sure. 

They do come in capsule form, description states that you can take 2-4 daily, I chose 2x day. If I feel the need to increase later on, I have that option. The great thing about this supplement, is it is all natural, pure and authentic


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