Friday, February 5, 2016

A Jelly Bean Candle

We all know how wonderful jelly beans are, well if you love Jelly Belly's then you are sure to love, Sugar Creek Candle Company's, "Jelly Bean" Candle. It is one that I am flipping crazy about! I have tried a several candles from this company and am blown away at the fragrances.

"Jelly Bean" description:

A Burst of Luscious Fruity Tones Teasing the Senses with this Gourmand Confection. Wild Cherry Balances with Ripe Peach and Tangy Strawberry for the Candy Sensation at the Fragrance Heart. Hints of Cinnamon Boost the Cherry, as a Smooth Combination of Vanilla and Musk Creates Sugary Undertones.

It sure does live up to it's description, the different scents are all something special and is sure to make any home feel warm and inviting. What's even more special about this candle line, to me- the wax is soy based. No toxins are flying around the room, which used to cause me to get headaches with a common cheap ole candle. No black smoke and all that junk to follow. Description also states, this candle will burn for 75 hours. I haven't used mine that long, but I have used them for hours and hours and for many days and it's not even come close to the middle of the jar and can see just how it would last that long. You can see that the liquid is much thicker than the common candle and just has a totally different look. 

I am in love with this line of candles. Seriously from the fragrance to the look. Comes in a simple, yet elegant jar with a beautiful color purple soy wax, and lid. Then the cute cartoon label on the front is something that really gets to me. It's these little colorful jelly beans dancing or doing some kind of fabulous move on a disco floor, and the DJ in the background. Certainly is a perfect Easter gift for any special somebody!

Purchase "Jelly BeanHERE

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for an honest review, opinions are my own. 

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