Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Premium Log Carrier

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation for an honest review, opinions are mine. 

We just moved about 2 months ago, the new home has a wood burning fireplace, that I absolutely love! I dunno, I think the heat feels so much better than our gas stove did. We don't use it full force or anything to constant heat the house, it's just something used as a backup to central and cut some of the cost down at night. The barn is a pretty good peace from the house and our house is on top of a hill. I am usally the one bringing it up since, my husband is working long hours and I hate to wait! I want to do something and get it over with. Not only was these trips to the barn, killing my legs from the walk back up the hill, but tearing my arms up from the logs on my arms, splinters and all the other crap happening.. since I am clumsy and tend to drop it while I am walking.. it was all getting old and about to the point, where I was ready to throw in the towel and just use electric heat only! But since, I got the Premium Log Carrier, it's not a hassle anymore.

It even holds so much more than I was expecting. I can fit a good size load in it and not have to make daily trips back to the barn. Plus no more splinters and dirt! This carrier is made of a heavy duty canvas and not something that would easily tear up or weigh it down, has a large capacity, long straps and just makes everything so much easier! My elbows and arms are thankful too, that hurt!! I actually just store the wood pieces in it to on the back porch and it's not in a way that it looks tacky. Priced reasonably and heavy duty, it will not let you down!


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