Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pet Shampoo that is great on Yorkies

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation for an honest review. Opinions are mine pure and true. 

We have a Yorkie and we all know they have long hair! Well, his hair is so hard to keep from getting matted together and just keeping it clean, even though he is an inside dog. Plus the fact that he has dry skin, it's hard to find a pet shampoo that will work for him. He is a bit pampered too, he takes trips to the groomer twice a month and gets all fixed up, so this pooch is spoiled, hehe.. Not just any ole' shampoo will work for him. It needs to be something that will keep his skin hydrated and help with the tangles. Been using Dancing Natural Shampoo- All in One and it has turned it to one of the best dog shampoos, I have tried, for a few different reasons. First off, his hair is probably about 2 inches long, guessing... this shampoo has conditioner in it, which keeps it soft and from getting matted together so easily. Also, it hydrates and moisturizes his skin.

Of course it cleans, extra awesome! But, you can also give him some bubbles with it too!! Just like you would for yourself, run some in with the water and hey, your pampered pooch can take a bubbly bath. Mine isn't much on water, so I am not sure if that would even matter to him, but that would be cool! LOL. 

Since, I couldn't get Romeo to corporate, I had to get a picture of Cooper, the kitty >^..^< with the bottle of Pet Shampoo! But here is my beloved pooch

This shampoo, is not your average, dollar store pet product. It's more high quality and you can tell it by the animals coat. It's more soft and I think the fur is more shiny. Really, it does work wonders on hair, it is less tangled. Which is why I will certainly be sticking to this brand from now on. 

Try it out HERE 


  1. Cute pets! Always love the pet spa treatment days using natural pet products. My dog and cat smell so great and feel so soft when finished!#dancingpetnaturals

    1. I agree, there is just something about a more expensive shampoo that will change the way pets feel and smell, I just love it!

      Thanks for stopping by!