Sunday, December 13, 2015

Indoor security

Security companies, are probably booming in business now a days. Theft is certainly on the rise all over the country. We actually just moved to a new community, the cost of living is much higher in the neighborhood I am in now, but.. UPS and other shipping facilities, require a dang signature for any packages! I couldn't figure out, why they had a signiture requirement and tried like heck to get it off, till later they say, "oh, well you live in a city that is high in theft"! Yeh, they said people steal the packages right off the porch, in my area! Of course, I have been freaking out ever since. My husband was a security tech, before he transferred jobs last July. We already had a nice system, but no indoor cameras. Which is what I am working on doing now. Starting off with the Vimtag, IP Camera. Decided to place it in the living room and aimed in a position where if someone did come in the back door, they would have to pass by the kitchen and in to the living room, we would be able to pick that up. Well, this little guy is priced cheap and actually high quality.

Turns out, you don't need to hire a security company to come install equipment and set up expensive DVR's, climb in the attic to run wires, drill holes and all that other crap and take hours to do so! You can get the device you need and it doesn't take someone with Computer Science degree to do so! Yep, this device is really Plug & Play. All you have to do is download an app, find the device and type in the pass and username and wall-ahhh you are connected and recording! Easy peasy, huh?!

The image, is insanely amazing.. it has crystal clear image, that would certainly detect faces, night vision, Two-Way Audio- which allows to communicate while you are gone, from the app through the device, it has the whole nine yards. Everything I am looking for in a security cam..

Control everything, right from the app, which has some great features that are very useful. It's easy to navigate and doesn't freeze have any problems, that I have seen so far. It's a great choice, if you are looking for home security or even used as a baby monitor, purchase HERE.

Disclosure: I received this product, complimentary for an honest review. Opinions are all mine. 

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