Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Clear-ista Girl- Retexturizing Gel

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation to provide an honest review. I am only voicing my opinions, pure and true. 

Like most gals, I am all about daily skin care and I have tried plenty of different skin care agents and have found lots of success. Sure have seen a fair share of brands that were just a joke! Not with this new line I am trying! Actually, it's a bit different than other lines- it's a Retexturizing Gel.. yeppers! Anyhoo, Clearista Rexturizing Gel seems to be pretty popular and has mighty fine results and some can see a difference in just one use, gimme, gimmie!

Resurfacing gel, designed to reduce the appearance of a wide range of skin imperfections and it's gentle on the skin. Skin softening and soothing benefits, that are thought to only be achieved through laser and chemical peels. Targets- blemishes, skin bumps, rough/dry patches, fine-lines, sun spots/lines.. sounds pretty good, huh. Although I have never had laser treatments or chemical peels, I can say that this gel does live up to it's expectations and is true to description.

I often get, raised bumps on my skin and let me tell yah, they are a pain in the rear! Clearista Gel, has work some wonders so far and has really got me quite impressed at the results, I am seeing! Plus, the fact, that my skin has never felt this soft before! It's really incredible. This formula has even went to work on the redness on my skin. Which now, I don't have to wear makeup to hide it! Feels great to go "freely" with no makeup when I need to.

Don't wait, give it a try! Shop the Clearista Collection HERE


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