Monday, November 30, 2015

Value-priced washcloths

You really get a "bang for your buck" with this set washcloths, of 24. I will now even cut down on the use of paper towels with these around and probably will cut the use of paper towels entirely. And, we went through a lot, with a toddler running around! The sippy cup is always leaking, messes are being made all day. Who wants to pay high prices just to stain a cute towel! These towels really get the job done, they are very absorbent.

Not a common size rag, they are so much bigger. Would even work as hand towels. A great rag for soaking up spills, they do absorb quite fast. First use in the washer/dryer no unraveling. They do have reinforced edges to prevent unraveling.

As far as quality, they are a bit more than average. Much more than I expected, for such a low cost. Will certainly last you a long time and get your moneys worth a dozen times.

I use them daily for counters, tables, bathroom, cleaning the tub, as a dust rag, spills and just anything around the house that needs it. Will always be my "goto rag"! At this price and size pack, these are really a must have for every house!


Disclosure: I received this product free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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