Sunday, November 15, 2015

The perfect Christmas gift for a toddler

Next please! Who is ready to have some Supermarket fun? Check out the Click N' Play Grocery Supermarket Play Set, by Stock Port. This tons of fun set, comes with everything any little one will need to go "shopping" for real! My daughter calls it, shopping at Walmart! Ha, bless her little heart, I love it... Anyhow this set comes with

Ready to Play Cash Register
Shopping Cart
Food and Play Money
Various Fruits, Veggies and other groceries. 

Last but not least, this set even comes with a working Scanner! Yep that's right. It takes a few batteries (not included) and then this little gadget will be ready to beep away. Not only does it beep, but it will also light up. Which makes this set even more fun to play with. 

The only down side is, the little one may start rummaging in your fridge! I started noticing I was missing some items from the fridge one day, then all the sudden I see my daughter push her cart in the kitchen to the fridge, and low and behold, she was taking my cold foods from the fridge to go check out! Hahah! I couldn't help but let her continue on! 

Christmas is just right around the corner and any little feller would surely love a Supermarket! It's surely a must have and at a cheap price. 

Hop on over now to check it out! Just click HERE 

Disclaimer: I recevied this product complimentary for an honest review

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