Thursday, November 12, 2015

Space saving bags

Since I am a pack rat, storage is pretty tight for me. I have boxes of clothes all in the garage, closets and it's beginning to go under my bed, which I absolutely hate anything under the beds. Space Saver bags have been out for years and I was always to stubborn to give them a chance, heck I thought it was all a gimmick. Which I guess some are crap, but anyhow I finally gave them a shot and just keep thinking why did I try these handy little bags years ago!

The set I am trying out, comes is a set of 16:

  • 1 jumbo bag (28.7 x 51 inches). 1 large sized bag (31.5 x 39.3 inches).
  • 3 medium bags (19.6 x 27.5 inches). 3 small bags (15.7 x 23.6 inches).
  • 4 large roll up bags (15.7 x 23.6 inches). 4 medium roll up bags (11.8 x 19.6 inches)

The quality is there, nothing cheap, but the price for 13 bucks and some change. I was really expecting garbage at that price, for real! Boy was I wrong, these bags are right on the money and will not disappoint. They are easy to use and each come with caps to keep them sealed. You suck all the air out with your vacuum cleaner and wall-ahhh, your gonna save a ton of space! Pillows, blankets, clothes.. any types of fabric that are in the way. Nothing is getting in. Right now I am also using them for summer and winter clothes, switching them out in different temps. Hop on over to Amazon to pick up your set  HERE

I received this product complimentary for my honest review. 

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