Friday, November 27, 2015

"Qurb" the waist line

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation for an honest review. My opinions are all mine, pure & true. 

Holiday's are the best moments of the year! Family gatherings, precious moments and of course the delightful dinners! Which is hard to control! It's hard to resist seconds, heck sometimes going back for thirds. If you are looking to control the waist line, then "Qurb Shot" is here.

So what is Qurb Shot?! Just like it sounds, a revolutionary, dietary shot. A convienent, effective way to reduce appetite and slim down. A true energy boost, without the jitters and shakes! Taken with meals, you're tummy will feel fuller, while aiding portions. Taking daily to achieve weight loss. 

Each "shot" is a 3oz bottle, which allows you to simply carry it anywhere. Small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, console of the car, will surely fit. 

About it!

• 10g of fiber 
• 400mg Green coffee bean extract 
• 100%- B6 and B12 Vitamins 
• Energy boost*
• Only 20 Calories - all from fiber 
• Sweetened with all-natural Stevia! 
• No artificial colors 
• Gluten-free 

and.. what exactly will it do?!

*reduces appetite 
*makes the belly feel full
*boots energy
*promotes slimming effects

Sounds great, right! Qurb is basically a healthy way to diet, without all the harsh chemicals and with more safe and effective ingredients. Even has the daily recommend does of B12 and B6. While leaving out, artificial sweeteners, colors and it's gluten-free. Woo-yah!

If you need an afternoon "pick me up", this will do! It's like the 5 hour energy shots, which I can't do. All that junk, gives me the jitters, increases heart rate, and just makes me feel all weird and cranky when it wears off. While "Qurb" has no side effects, like that, plus you can take it daily. Now it does give a boost, but not a crazy, insane boost.. just something natural feeling and without looking all bug eyed! 

My first thought, when I first heard of Qurb.. was, hmmm "wonder if will taste all nasty and yucky!" Surprisingly, no! Really, it taste like green tea. So the answer is.. it's somewhat yum! 

 Want to find out more or purchase? Then hope on over to the Qurb Shot, website by clicking 

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