Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pit Gloves, say what?!

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

There isn't nothing no better than grilling, I mean it's something we do all year round, as long as the weather permits. A huge slack of ribs is our go-to grill food, but they are so darn heavy, just any old cooking utensil will not work! So let me introduce you to my new buddy.... the Artisan Griller Gloves. Yes, I did say buddy, cause they have really lifted a huge weight for me! Normally I am having a battle out with a trying to cut a hot rack of ribs, or moving the chicken from the smoker.

I am sure you are thinking, just how in the world I plan on picking up a rack of ribs with some gloves! Well, this is no average pair of gloves! These gloves are specially designed to keep you from getting burnt and to keep your hands cool while you are putting them to work. As far as coverage, the Pit Gloves do over coverage length. They go up pretty high on the forearms and will keep every inch out of the heat.

Description sounds pretty, "hot" right? Well the Pit Gloves does have a promising description and truly it lives up to every word. I have got to experience these special gloves for my self know and know just how well they work. They will always come in handy when we are grilling, or heck when I am making something big in the smoker. They are a must have for any Pit Master! I would recommend!

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