Friday, November 20, 2015

Helpful dieting trick

Disclosure: I received this product and compensation to provide an honest review, opinions are my own. 

Loosing weight, can certainly be a struggle. My problem is limiting myself to a portion as, I am sure most can agree. How about trying portion control, with a new approach? Instead, going in to the diet with a Portion Control Plate, its called the TrimDish. 

Sometimes, I always want to go back and get extra helpings and really tricking myself or making myself believe, I'm not going over the limit as far as helping. Thinking oh, it's just a little.. it will be alright! Well of course it is not the answer and is something that defeats the purpose of dieting.

The Portion Control Plate, can help in so many ways. I know the limit with it. Something else, having a "guide" will also make me feel guilty if I try and go over. Keeps extra food off the plate and the calories off the body! and, eating a healthier meal.

This little helper will fit on most common sized dish plates and is also dishwasher safe! Cha-ching! But seriously, it's not going to be hard to clean if you just wanted to wash by hand. Quality wise- no complaints, the TrimDish is heavy duty plastic and most importantly BPA Free. Each cavity is one cup at top with 1/2 cup line inside.

Buy HERE for just $5.99

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