Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Decorative French Press

Disclaimer: I received this product and compensation in exchange for my honest review, my opinions are mine. 

I am all about my coffee. Sure, I love my Keurig, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about making coffee and the taste with a french press. Well, Sumatra Dream has got the perfect press. It's decorative, looking great on the counter, it's certainly not something you want to grow dust under the counter! Would also be nice for serving too, and would make a great conversation piece.

So this mean mugger, can brew 2 cups at a time or even six, with a strong beaker and lid, that isn't floppy! Glass is nice, not fragile. But why this coffee press, why does it stand out more than others. Well it has an elegant outer design, but the secret is, it actually keeps the coffee warmer and for lengthier time, as to where the common press would not. Which is the reason that I would wrap a towel around the old one I had, now that was a pain!

I love making coffee from it, when I have the time of the mornings and I'm not in a rush. Not saying it's a hassle or anything, cause of course the Keurig is a lot faster. Anyhow it's just the flavor you really appreciate more!

Add the Sumatra Dream Coffee Press to your cart, just click HERE, it will not disappoint! Comes with some extras too, 3 extra filters and a little coffee scoop.

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