Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weight lost boost & tips

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine, with no influence by the company. 

Yeh, summer is almost over, Holidays are approaching and that means shedding pounds will be a lot harder. For me, it's like when I see food, I will gain without touching, uggg. So, I want to try and stay around the bikini bod weight! I am not a fan of the winter months and staying cooped up in the house, it's incredibly hard for me to loose. I tend to stay more active in summer. So I have some tips to keep your Bikini Body or to give you a "boost" and that is with "BikiniBOD", a dietary supplement, that is sure to give you that extra push you need, to keep the pounds off and to help shed, more easily.

So first of, let me tell you a little about BikiniBOD, with out boring you!
Anywho it's all natural, vegan and is gluten-free, designed with females in mind, Woo-Hoo. The beauty of BikinBOD is that it also contains Super Fruit extract to keep your skin glowing along with Biotin to help with hair and nail growth, sounds amazing, right!? The new formula to helping you get skinny and maintaining your gorgeous-self!

What to do?? Depending on if you are a coffee-craz or a non-caffeine consumer.. that is how you will determine your does. I am a coffee, loving, crazy person and drink it daily, that would put me at 2 capsules a day. Also, limits.. Limit your self to the foods you eat, don't cut it all out and go on a starvation diet. For instance, instead of eating an entire juicy hamburger, just eat half. LOTS and LOTS of water, drink water as soon as you get up and with every meal. This will make you more full and your going to eat less. It's the simple things that is going to help you and with the help of BikiniBOD, you are going to get a great rush, feeling more natural and less jitters.

Find out more about BikiniBOD here.

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