Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An organic blotting sheet? Why, yes!

Disclaimer: I received this product and compensation, to provide my honest review. Thoughts and opinions are mine, pure and true.

I am always on the hunt for eco-friendly products. I am happy to switch from a product I am using to something organic, as long as it works! Not only just food, but beauty too. Any-whoo this time it is blotting sheets. I normally used Clean & Clear, yeh it worked, but it also removed my makeup, wah wah... it did take the shine off though. Well let me introduce you to LiveFresh Blotting Sheets. It's completely organic and removes the shine, while leaving the makeup in tact. Sounds pretty amazing to me. Honestly, it's probably one of the best brands, I have tried.. Since it does not remove the make up, leaving spots on skin... then I am there applying the makeup back. Hated the hassle. like why was I even using them in the first place. So not a problem here. These little sheets work better than awesome!

Now, something else that is great about these sheets, well for starters they come in a package of 100, but in a super slim pack. That means I can carry them anywhere I go, in the pocket, in my clutch, stick them right at my desk at work, they fit anywhere.

Why does, LiveFresh think you should choose their product? Lets have a look.. 

✓ Instantly absorbs excess oil and removes shine. 
✓ Soothes, protects, and freshens your face. 
✓ Safe to use with makeup on without smudging. 
✓ Green tea infused, odorless, and powder free. 
✓ Premium sheets that won't irritate skin. 
✓ Made with natural ingredients. 

Music to my ears! Oh my I have extra sensitive skin, these little guys don't irritate, what so ever. No smudging!! You got me there. All the rest is a big wow too. Being made with natural products, is a no brainer. 

Each sheet is a little thin, about like a piece of paper. Feels good on the skin, doesn't scratch or anything like that. 

If you suffer from oily skin, sensitivity issues or just straight up looking for an organic brand to switch to, then LiveFresh has got you covered, but they are not expensive. Priced reasonably for $7.99 for a pack of 100 that will last you for a good time, pick them up HERE

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