Sunday, September 6, 2015

Every princess needs a crown!

OMG! This Princess Birthday Party Favor Set is just what any princess needs! Forget special occasions, my daughter is going to wear the every day! She is 2 years old and we put each piece on her and she was like, "bow to me"! Of course, mom did!

This little set is just so adorable, the set comes complete with:
Everything a princess needs! It would be great for birthday's, it will really make a girl feel special! The size is great, normally we have a hard time finding something that isn't superly over sized for my 2 year old. The fit of the bracelette is great as well as the crown and will fit kids older. Even the ring, it stays on her finger and fits perfect. She is so happy!

The crown is made a little different, I was a bit skeptical at first, you actually have to attach the jewel part to the headband. After fitting it together, I was really liking this look, it stayed on well, and hair doesn't "push up" and cover the crown. The necklace is also a little different, it attaches together by 2 hooks but they don't "close". I was a bit worried at first and was concerned the necklace may fall off, but it did not my daughter wore the necklace for hours and hours and for "playtime" and didn't go anywhere. The earrings are better than others we have had, snap on earrings are a lot harder to stay on, with this set, we didn't have a problem with them falling off so much she couldn't wear them. They probably would in a big bouncy house but, normal play they hold great.

This set is just so fancy! They would look so amazing on any girl and really give them a special feeling. I let my daughter wear them with me to the store and the attention she received was just incredible!

I received this product free for my honest and unbiased review.

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