Monday, August 17, 2015

Suffer from sensitivity issues? Try Colgate Enamel Health

Colgate Enamel Health is great for anyone who suffers with sensitivity issues. It helps
strengthens enamel 4x better and will help replenish weak spots with natural calcium, for stronger, healthy teeth! The tooth paste rocks! It has a, "Cool Mint" flavor. It's not strong and overpowering like others, nor does it have that, "burning sensation". Lite flavor and fresh breath. 

The pen is a whole lot of awesome too. It really is easy as their slogan... BRUSH.APPLY.GO! 
Brush with the Enamel Health Toothpaste then you use the pen. I find that it works better when my teeth are dry. So I just dab them with a cloth after rinse and it will really stick well. Wait about a minute and wal'ah! Brushing 2x a day you will really an army of pain-fighting tools! So now you will be fighting for relief and fighting enamel erosion, bad breath and all the other nasty that can ruin a beautiful smile. After using a good amount of time now, I can tell that the toothpaste and pen is helping rebuild enamel and my smile looks so nice and healthy now, if you suffer from sensitivity then this is a must have! 

So head on over to Colgate to find out more.
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I received this product complementary for my honest review. All opinions are mine. 

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