Monday, August 17, 2015

Softsoap's Summer Limited Edition!

As a mom, my favorite, "getaway" is the shower! I'd say we can all agree to that one! I like to get away from all the chaos and sibling fights, messes, you name it! Let dad be in control while you relax. Hopefully when you get done, you won't come back to an even bigger disaster! but in that little time, that mom can get. SoftSoap has released a summer limited addition and they have became a favorite of my for my, "daily getaway". Introducing: Bali Bliss, Tahitian Glow and Figi Waves. Sounds like paradise! 

I personally believe that the power of scent can really set your mood. These fragrances really put me in a calm place of mind and just have the best scent, making me feel like I'm in paradise!

It's hard to choose a fav, but, I would have to say Figi Waves - Cucumber & Melon. All the scents are long lasting and have a nice fragrance with out it being too overpowering.

You can pick up these limited SoftSoap scents through August 2015, suggested retail is $2.99.

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I received this product complimentary for my honest review.

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