Thursday, August 27, 2015

Follicleanse® OS Kit with Zinc to add volume and shine

Dislaimer: I received this product along with compensation, to provide my honest review. Opinions are mine pure and true. 

I am always coloring my hair, so that means it needs extra treatment, I normally stick with the same thing, since I know it works. Just recently I went through a major change, I went from dark brown to blonde, well, it took 6 bleach applications and a trip back one month later for a highlight to finally even the color and get the platinum blonde back. My hair is very thick and normally has volume, but since all this bleach, it has been flat like a board! So changing up my daily shampoo and conditioner, I got something to work and brought that natural volume burst back. Follicleanse® OS Kit with Zinc, shampoo and conditioner.


* Zinc formulas for oily hair, itchy scalp, flaking & build-up
* Gently cleans oil, dirt, grime, salt, sweat and irritants
* Natural extracts, Keratin, Jojoba Oil & Fision Hair Complex
* Moisturizes while adding, body, shine and smoothness
* Leaves hair and scalp feeling and looking  fresh & clean
* Ideal for naturally oily hair or scalp, clarifying, dandruff
* A favorite of athletes for cleaning sweat, oil, salt and grime!

I love this stuff! My husband uses it to for dandruff and it works like a charm! the first use made a huge believer out of me. Kertain is what I always used for hair repair and treatment from colored or heat damage and has always worked great. This is added and does a lot for my hair as well as all the other ingredients. My hair has a healthy shine, it has volume going on and it also helps with the frizzy, oh goodness, my hair was frizzy and just so rough at the touch from all the color. It was seriously like touching sand paper, it was that bad. Luckily it didn't fry it, geeze that would have been bad. Any-who if you are needing repair, treatment for dandruff, volume, all that good stuff than Follicleanse is something you should definitely give a shot at! It works miracles. 

You can find out more HERE and is available in a 16oz or 32oz. 

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