Sunday, August 16, 2015

Controlling your "Cujo"

Disclaimer: I received the product and compensation, all opinions expressed are 100% mine.

We have a wondering dog, named Bow Bow, he is a Great Pryenees and still a pup! If you know anything about these dogs, then you know how big they get.. well Bow is definitely pushing 125 or more! He likes to go up to our neighbors and check things out or roam around in the garage. We don't like him going off the property cause we are afraid he may not come home :( which has happened before. Plus there is coyotes and stuff, I'm sure he could take them.. but it's not worth the risk. Anyways, we can not get him to stay on the property, we have tried everything and just have to let him go. Well now everything changed when we got a dog training collar, called the "Cugo Control"

This has made such a difference and has really taught him to not go farther than the gate. At first I thought well, this collar is animal abuse and a long time ago, I wouldn't have nothing to do with one. but when our other dog went missing, we caved. And actually it is the best decision I ever made. I wish I had one with our other dog, bless her heart.

Bow wearing Cujo Control

The way it works.. when you see them go where they shouldn't, you just hit the button on the controller. The first time made a huge impact. He stopped and came running home. After about a week, Bow will not leave his "invisible line". I no longer have to worry about mad neighbors or him going to far away and can't find his way home. Plus he don't chase cars. It's very easy to use and works so good. Bow doesn't seem like he is in pain or hurting, I think it scares him more than anything.

- Train up to two dogs from the same transmitter 
- Range up to 800M - LCD white backlight 
- 8 levels shock and vibration adjustable 
- One level sound mode comes with transmitter 
- Red LED flashing and sound model in receiver 
- Rechargeable and water-resistant design

Great for small, medium, and large dogs. The collar will fit a neck size as small as 10 inches, or as large as 24 inches.

If you are having problems training or having wondering dog, then you should definitely check out the Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control, pick one up here. I couldn't live with out mine now!

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