Tuesday, June 2, 2015

intelliGLASS Screen Protector

I received this product and a small fee to provide my honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely me pure and true. 

intelliGLASS offers a variety of screen protectors for the iPhone and Samsung devices, phones or tablets. I have been testing out one of the screen protectors for my Samsung S6 and I got to say I'm so impressed with it. 

The description says it's smudge and oil resistant, repels fingerprints and that it doesn't leave bubbles. The ultra hardened real glass layer has been specially treated to have a great scratch resistance than steel. So it's got a really promising description.. does it live up to its claims? I had to try the key trick, I took a key and tried to scratch it and it wouldn't scratch!! Sounds amazing, right!! Also it's so much easier to apply then a common screen protector and there is NO bubbles left behind at all. That's always the problem I have with any screen protectors I have purchased in the past, the bubbles drive me absolutely crazy and I end up taking it off and purchasing more. So now in the long run intelliGLASS will save money cause I can see it lasting and keeping the screen of my phone protected till I decided to upgrade!!! 

It's so easy to apply and of course there is no glare and bubbles. If you are looking for protection for your phone, then intelliGLASS is a must have! Never purchase another cell phone protector again!! Just hop on over to intelliGLASS here


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