Friday, July 24, 2015

Futurepace Tech - Water Bottle

Disclosure: I received this product and a fee to provide my honest review.  All opinions are mine. 

It's the middle of the summer and the heat is scorching, in my neck of the woods. The Futurepace Tech, Insulated Water-Bottle really is a live saver!

Normally, I could take a cold bottle of water outside in the heat and it seems like it's getting warm before I can get to my second drink, literally! I'm not too fond of hot water! That's why the Futurepace Tech -Water Bottle is to the resuce!

This 20 ounce sports bottle will actually keep your drinks cold for hours, you can actually drink your entire drink cold! But that's not all it does... I hate to get wet from a water bottle! Well, with this water bottle, you won't!! It doesn't sweet from condensation, plus it will never rust. And... there's more, it will work with hot drinks to. Keeping hot liquids cold for up to 8 hours and cold drinks for up to 24! 

On days like today, it's at least close to 100 degrees this baby is a lifesaver in my book! We live close to a splash park and we walk up there quite often, it's actually nice to not have to pack around more hey stuff to keep my drink cold for the walk and and the time spent there, it's large enough to hold me over and stay hydrated. 

If you're in need of a water bottle for gym, outdoor activities or anything, the Futurepace Tech - Water Bottle is just what you need! You cqn pick it up on Amazon HERE


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