Friday, July 24, 2015

Decorating your princess room with Pom Poms

My 2 year old daughter just got a new bedroom suit, we got our princess a princess carriage type bed. But we needed some decorations. We seen these flower pom-poms and just knew they would be a hit... I was right!

These beautiful flower Pom-Poms are made by Heart to Heart, each set comes with 7 and 2 different sizes. I have used Pom-Poms before during birthday partys and they weren't thd best, I pretty much had to get the scissors out and re-cut. Not fun!! 

This is the size of 7, you can see how big and they cover mg washer and dryer...

These Pom-Poms are absolutely gorgeous and doesn't call for much work to get them in full "bloom". You just open the flower and then go one tissue at at time side to side. Then you can fluff at the end! They would be great for parties, baby showers bridal and perfect to gI've a bedroom a pop! You can hang them from the ceiling, on the wall or on a dresser or anything you have in mind. 

They are made well, everything is cut well and they really hold form great! This set has 2 shades of pink and green for the bottom, it's absolutely stunning and really goes well in my daughters room. I'm so so happy with the pom poms! 

If your looking to add a hint of decoration,  then hop on over to Amazon and pick up a set HERE you won't be disappointed! 

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes.  


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