Friday, July 24, 2015

Cable Clips to make your life easier!

" Disclaimer: I received this product free along with payment for testing and review purposes, all opinions are mine. "

Cable Clips?? I bet you guys may be asking yourself.. What is a cable clip and what's the purpose of it.. Well, let me tell yah! These little clips are actually a life saver! I have chargers for my phones and tablets in pretty much every bedroom of the house! I have to leave them plugged in cause furniture is blocking the wall outlets, so when I need a cord, it's a battle tying to round one up. That's where the Cable Clips comes in handy... these clips are adhesive, so you can stick them anywhere. The back of the end table in the living room or the night stand in the bedroom. You clip the cord on to these handy dandy's and you will never battle the cords ever again!! Sounds pretty amazing to me!!

The Cable Clips by Decor52 comes in a pack of six, 3 single channel clips and 3 double channel clips. It is made with a 3m Adhesive and gives maximum hold on any surface. Simply peel, press and use!

They are versatile and hold different size cords, for the phone, computer, mouse stereo, data cables headphones, wires, etc...

Place them on the night stand, will definitely make your life so easy, you won't be searching for that cord or digging it out from under the bed at night!

You can hide them behind the table too, if you don't want them seen. Just simply grab your cable whenever you need without all the fuss! You can pick up a pack on Amazon, for a bargain too! At just $8.99. Add it to you're cart HERE.

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