Friday, July 24, 2015

A must have backseat baby mirror!

Disclaimer: I received this product along with payment, for testing and review purposes. Opinions are all mine.

When I was a new mom, I didn't have one of those fancy mirrors in the backseat, while my little one was sitting rear facing. I would actually end up pulling over on the side of the road even on a ten minute drive just to check on my girl, just to make sure she was okay!! Yes, I was that bad!! What I would have gave for a nice back seat mirror, then!! As she got a little older I tried a few out but they weren't something I ended up keeping for different reasons. Well let me introduce you to the Ally & Joe Backseat Baby Mirror and I will tell you why this one is the best of the best!!

This mirror goes on the headrest, it has 2 buckles in the back so that it never scoots or falls. That was my problem with the ones I had. They would start to fall and just scared me to death so I got rid of them fast!! So this was a major concern for me, that it stays in place and won't move. I don't have to worry when I hit a bump or something on the road that it will get loose and fall on my daughter.

The Ally & Joe Baby Mirror, is a mirror!! It's not fuzzy or blurry, I can actually see my child in full view without straining, through my rear view mirror! The size is perfect, giving you full view of the little one!!

Those are the deal breakers for me, I want to be able to fully see my child and I want to know that she is going to be fully protected. That's why, this mirror is the best in my book. It's made well and of quality materials and built to last. I will definitely keep this mirror for my next child. It is simple to mount and fast, plus you can change the angle on it to fit your viewing.

It would totally make an amazing baby shower gift for any mom or a great gift for you!

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