Thursday, June 18, 2015

One More Dance

Disclaimer: This is a paid post, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely me, pure and true.

When all my work around the house is done and the kids are in bed, I love to pick up a book and read. I'm mostly into mystery or romantic novels. I just finished reading, " One More Dance " by Valentine Cardinale. It is a story of love, loss, family and the search for one bad character hell bent on murder, sounds pretty interesting, right! Valentine Cardinale considers it to be a romantic mystery, which is right up my alley! When I first started reading, One More Dance, I couldn't put it down!  It was a quick read for me though and has 208 pages. 

About the Book:

At a wedding in Italy, Julian Case, a realtor and widower, meets Alegra Rossini. a university professor and single mom, and is struck by her beauty, grace and playfulness as they dance the night away. On the plane back to the States, he's already making plans to see her again. But when Julian enters his home in New Jersey, he discovers his son has been savagely attacked and left for dead. Fearing that whoever beat the young man into a coma is still on the loose, Julian puts his life on hold to join the investigation. Can a father unlock the secret connection and find his son's attacker? Will Julian lose his chance at new love? And what about Alegra? Will she let this promising relationship slip away? Can they weather the storm and let love into their lives for one more dance?

The beginning is wonderful and filled with intense scenes, I was totally hooked from the beginning to the end! I felt a great connection to the characters and felt as I was apart of it. I liked how the author kept the suspense going throughout the entire store as he would introduces various suspects and with some of the characters you will the hardships they have went through. It just kept getting more intense and I thought I had the suspect figured out, but the author did a complete turn around at the end, I was totally surprised! So without too much detail and spoilers... I'll leave it at that! With that being said, if you enjoy a good mystery and has a little romance going on, then, One More Dance, is definitely a must read!

Pick up your copy here.

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