Monday, May 18, 2015

SoftSoap Body Wash- Fresh & Glow

I'm sure most of you are aware of SoftSoap, well they just came out with a brand new line called Fresh & Glow. There are two different types in the Fresh & Glow Line.

Up first is an exfoliating Fruit Polish, for smooth and glowing skin. It's made with 100% real extracts, sourced kiwi & orange. This unique formula is packed with apricot seeds that exfoliate, that will give you healthy looking skin that glows! I just love the fragrance!  It has the perfect blend of the fruity mixture and is actually a pretty powerful body exfoliating formula.  It easily removes dead skin, wwith out any extra scrubs. It works like a charm ;) My skin feels super soft and feels extra smooth, with a beautiful glow.

You can clearly see the exfoliating beads, plus they don't dissolve instantly and work so great on my skin. 

The hydrating shower cream is made with 100% real extracts sourced from milk, coconut and almond. This unique formula is proven to lock in long lasting moisture, giving you healthy looking skin that will shine. It has a creamy texture and only a small amount is needed, to lather you in suds. The suds is long lasting and doesn't fad away instantly. I just love the scent, my skin smell great the entire day and keeps my skin so hydrated, that I don't need to apply lotion! Pretty amazing stuff, huh!

Anyhoo, this new line of Fresh & Glow, by Softsoap Brand has to be the best yet. Both have powerful fragrances that I love and actually keeps your skin smelling, awesome for a long time. It's hard to choose a fav, but I really do love the orange & kiwi fragrance best, but depending on how my skin feels, whether it needs some extra moisture or exfoliating is how I choose which one to use and is a must have for any girl that is looking for Hydration or exfoliation.

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I received these products complimentary from SoftSoap Brand, all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 

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