Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Patchology - Patches are Perfect!

Do you suffer from Puffy Eyes,  Deep Wrinkles or Age Spots? If you have a specific skincare problem you just can't shake, you should definitely check out Patchology.  Most people use traditional creams to address those issues, that just doesn't seem to work all that well & need a more powerful treatment and that's where Patchology comes in, created to make those little imperfections a little more perfect,  it's a spot on solution for your most specific skincare concerns.

When time isn't on your side, FlashPatches Eye Gel retrieve tired, fatigued eyes in just 5 minutes!  Hydrogel patch technology provides a deep hydration and eye revitalization, in a way that topical creams or serums can't. The result is a smoother, brighter and more youthful appearance.

So these eye patches have a pretty promising description.... bbut do they deliver? Absolutely! They feel so amazing and cool, on your skin. They really de-puff eyes in just 5 minutes! Sounds crazy, right? Wrong these patches are very powerful and work like a charm! Included is 30 pairs of FlashPatch Eye Gels, I just use them when needed.  The cooling effects makes me feel relaxed and has just feels so amazing!

FlashMasque Facial Sheets are  pretty amazing too! I got 3 to try out, one is to exfoliate and is great for skin with rough, uneven texture and a drab apperance. Illuminate is for dull, lackluster skin and uneven tone. Then hydrate is ideal for dry skin types or anytime skin is fatigued and dehydrated. My favorite is, illuminate, I have uneven skintone and redness, it give my skin a radiant look, giving new life, resulting in a beautiful complexion.

These facial sheets are the best out there! Like the eye patches they do the job in 5 minutes.  If your wondering how they stick, they are made of a luxe fabric and stays put as you move, so you don't have to feel like a stiff board! In just 5 minutes my skin has a balanced tone, brighter, glowing and more youthful appearance.  The facial masks are easily applied and like I said only take 5 minutes to get the job done!

Hop on over to  Patchology and find the specific skincare concern your looking to skake, believe me you won't be disappointed!  Also sign up to become a "Patchologist" and be the first to hear about exclusive offers, special events and new arrivals.  

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Disclaimer: Products provided by Patchology to facilitate my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 

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