Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Japonesque - Mineral Face Brush

Hello lovies! As most of you beauties know, I'm a huge makeup loving gal! I have boxes and boxes full of high end makeup, drug store brands and everything in between! I can't leave the house without painting my face, hehe! Well I was just introduced to a new brand of cosmetics, called JAPONESQUE. I had heard nothing but great things about this brand, so I was super excited to try out the Mineral Face Brush and I'm so happy to tell you about this baby!

The JAPONESQUE Mineral Face Brush is finely crafted and gives you total control of how much product is applied, you can achieve a smooth and flawless finish, effortlessly. I use it for buffing and blending loose and pressed mineral powders and even blush. This brush has super soft bristles and doesn't shed, it's very unique and works like a charm. The bristles hold the makeup at top and doesn't fall through, it pulls off the perfect amount and doesn't doesn't go on to thick, just enough coverage you need and is easy to get the intensity you want. It has a super attractive look, and the bristles on this baby is so incredibly soft and feel amazing on my skin, oh I love it! The length is just perfect, it's not super long and fits perfect in my purse, great for mom's on the go.

The mineral brush incorporates a unique anti-bacterial technology that helps eliminate millions of bacteria that can lead to irritation, various infections and skin issues such as acne. The anti-bacterial treatment protects each brush fiber from dangerous bacterial growth. Sound's pretty darn amazing, right! This if the first anti-bacterial brush, I have ever used and keep thinking... where have you been all my life!

JAPONESQUE offers a large line of professional cosmetics brushes, makeup and so much more, I am just intrigued at their website and all the goodies they have to offer, everything has a super attractive look, I am dying to try out their Luminous Foundation and the Velvety Touceyeshadow,  it's housed in a beautiful display case!

 See what I mean! That case looks awesome and thats my eyeshadow colors! ohlala

So check out JAPONESQUE Beauty, there is something to offer, all you gal's!

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I received this product complimentary to provide my honest review. 

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