Wednesday, April 8, 2015

IncreduLash Eyelash Serum - longer thicker lashes!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided to facilitate my review,  all opinions expressed here are entirely me pure & true. 

I have always been concerned with my lashes.  They are very thin and not very lengthy,  I have searched high and low for the best mascaras to give my lashes a longer fuller look. I have even used fake lashes, which I'm certainly not a fan of and they can be a bit too much! So instead of mascara and fake lashes I am now trying a new method, eyelash serum and I'm more than pleased with the results. 

IncreduLash Eyelash Serum that I have been using once a day for the past month. it can also be used on eyebrows,  but I have plenty of them, so I don't need it there!! But my eyelashes were super fragile and thin before and no length what so ever! The first 2 weeks, I did see new growth and my lashes were extending. Now after a month of use, my lashes are no longer fragile and brittle but fuller and longer!  I have never been so happy with my lashes! I never in a thousand years thought I would be saying that! So it's powers are wonderful! IncreduLash claims to last for up to 6 months with daily use, after a month of use it hardly looks like any is gone so I can totally understand how it would last 6 months. 

IncreduLash can be purchased on Amazon and cones with a one year money back guarantee! It truly lives up to it's claims. Now it's not going to be instant results but in time you will see a huge difference. 

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  1. My lashes are so thin and sparce I bet this stuff would grow them thicker and longer